Lifespan of a pimple

Like a zit on the skin
You never came to stay
Prowled your way in to mine
Looking for easy prey
Rock the boat, cause a scene
Create a matinee
You needed a riot
Before you walked away.

Blemishes, I’m left with;
Memories that won’t fade.
More dark spots to conceal
More emotions to hide.
27 whole days,
I’ll wait in agony.
For my whole skin to shed
And get your marks off me.

Take the scab that you made
As your sweet souvenir
Strike a pose, fake a smile
A picture with your kill
Wave it around the world
Hang it up on your wall
Easy come, easy go
Like the good old pimple.


Whatever death maybe,
is it the end of me?
Once I’m 6 feet under
Will I go obsolete?
Will I be forgotten?
Will I be history?
In the realm of the gone,
Will I recognize me?

Oblivion, the sublime
Will I still feel your leer?
From the eyes of the world
Will my face disappear?
Little by little
Will my life fade away?
Will my color vanish?
Will my silhouette stay?

A life lived in a haste
A journey so futile
Will it all be a waste
Am I here just to die?
Will life keep going on
After the big good bye?
Will my ashes be spread?
Will I fly up so high?

“Que sera sera”
What will be, will be.
Whatever death maybe
I just hope to see,
Tiny bursts of myself
In a world with no me.

Never been kissed

My first kiss was a boy
called him “Brian the frog”
maybe it was his nerves
but he choked on his tongue.
Lesson learned, moving on
maybe I should rehearse
and so, I kissed Braydon
who was just even worse.
He held on to my hands
as though I wouldn’t run,
He bit my lips so hard
Like he’d never seen one.

Then I thought to myself
that a kiss is an art.
So, I got me a Sean
An outstanding poet.
He had his ways with words,
His poems were superb
But when It came to my lips
He truly needed help.

Then I met Dominic
The human Hercules
Guess, old habits die hard
He wrestled with my lips.
Although I’ve got to say
He’s better than Marques
The king of saliva
What a waste of a kiss.

Sloppiest of them all
Was David with braces
Let’s just say that I know
What he had for breakfast.

So, I hereby, declare
The Virtue of my lips
I do not kiss and tell,
I have never been kissed

Not based on a true story (maybe there’s a little truth somewhere in there. All the names were taken from one of my favourite songs by Jhene Aiko – comfort inn ending. Biggest apologies to all the Dominic, David, Braiden, Marques, Sean and Brains out there. I’m sure ya’ll are amazing kissers. I just wanted to try something new and have fun with my poetry, since all my poems are super depressy. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



If the five years ago you
Met the five years later me,
he wouldn’t have let go,
he would have kept me.
The me after heart break,
The me that has been loved,
Is greater than the me
That had veins full of pride.

This me says, “I’m sorry!”
This me is justified,
This me picked out the weed
That me held on so tight.

for what it’s worth;
you’d have loved this me,
you’d have had no choice.
Too bad you never stayed
To witness my rebirth.


Where the inevitability of change
Comes clear to the eyes
Through the changing colors
Of the leaves and skies
Where the trees can’t convince
their leaves to stay
where, Even the butterflies
Fly away
To a land where its May

Where the metaphor of letting go
Comes to life
As the summer breeze goes
And the crisp air arrives
As the sun shies away
And days equal nights
Watery eyes
Early good byes

Where I pick myself up
And grow thicker skin
Where I put on layers
And hide what’s with in
Where I wait for melancholy
With my arms wide open
Where I catch a falling leaf
And hope to be stricken
With a thunder of lucks
Mixed with some rain
To wash away the disappointment
That is bound to happen
Because once again,
Autumn forgot the good in good luck
And brought lack, deprivation.


a e s t h e t i c

Three words, Eight letters,
Floating in my brain.
Trapped in a hollow,
lost in Vain.

I feel them coming
And I open my mouth,
My tongue starts rolling,
yet nothing comes out.
My lungs get faint,
My cords shut down.
They make it to my throat
Only to be let down.

I’m not at loss for words
I know what I want to say
But How do I cough them out
Before they go astray?
Before you walk away?


1. loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage.

People who have a hard time saying “I love you.”, I see you, I feel you, I am you!


My brain is worn out from boundless reminiscing, my heart is exhausted from empty what if’s , my eyes are bleeding from re-reading your texts. Why can’t i just let you go? Why are you in my head when you can be anywhere else in the world? It’s like you inhabited my head. I thought having you far from my sight would blur the memories i have of you. But, instead it made my heart grow more fond of you! The longer it has been since I’ve seen you, the sharper your image in my head gets. You’re like Naegleria, shamelessly consuming my brain. What’s your antidote? How do i get rid of you?

The hopeless romantic inside me tells me to hold tight, but it’s like holding on to one end of a rope, tying it around your hand so tight thinking that it’d give you better grip but the more the person holding the other end pulls, the more you clench your fingers and the tighter the rope gets creating cracks on your skin and forcing blood to gash out, self distracting and pointless! Yet the hopeful romantic inside me tells me to relinquish, but you’re my heart’s best friend and my brain’s companion, Me without the idea of you is like Kung with out fu.

I have always known how to look after myself. I never let my heart take the lead. My brain is always on the drivers seat and I’ve always taken pride in it! I don’t know what changed. Maybe brains make mistakes too. I let my emotions get the best of me, I clang onto the memories and I let them consume me and change me. I let them let you win! But no mistake goes unlearned and no invader conquers forever. Time may not heal, but time changes everything. If i push myself just a little, I can let you go and set you free.

I may have procrastinated and told myself that the sun will come out tomorrow and get me out of the hole i dug for myself, But today is tomorrow, the sun came out and i got my awakening. Even though i love you to bits and pieces, i have to let you go! Or at least put my memories of you to NREM sleep. If it’s meant to be it will be! I know you and i are end game, i feel it deep in my heart! but for now, i have to move on with my life and let you do the same! It’s only fair! If you’re the Liam to my Miley, you’ll find your way back to me. Therefore, I’m letting you go. I’m letting you go before i lose you and most importantly, I lose myself! However the universe plans our reunion, no matter how bazaar and random it may be, I’m always prepared and looking forward!

So, this is good bye! Indefinitely! so long my love! Until we meet again!